Juan Uribe Gonzales was born in Medellín, Colombia in 1968. He nurtured his creative talent at an early age by creating spontaneous cartoons of his classmates.

In 2001, Juan Uribe Gonzales moved to Barcelona Spain, where he attended art academies and gained a comprehensive insight into all fields of the arts. He also completed highly distinguished courses in jewellery, illustration and engraving, in order to gain a global vision of the arts.

In 2010, he moved to London UK, where he continued studying and exploring with other techniques, which he incorporated into his work.

By 2013, he returned to Medellín, his hometown. Working out of his art studio, he devotes his time to developing new techniques for his paintings and offering drawing classes.

He has attended numerous art workshops and has participated in various art exhibitions in New York, Miami, Barcelona, Brussels, Bogota, Medellín and London. In 2012, he showcased the “Outdoor Solo Exhibition” by carrying his artwork on him as a way to influence and interact directly with the public.

Endeavouring to express his perceptions of timeless beauty, Juan Uribe Gonzales creates an atmosphere of magically strange, calm (airlessness) and a feeling of breath-taking tranquility.

His current work focuses on gurative style with an element of cosmic fantasy combined with smooth elegant forms. He uses a combination of acrylic and mixed media techniques. Conjuring up images of playful expressions, whimsical glances and hypnotic seduction. Uribe fully understands how to grab the viewer’s attention and subtly lead them into a world of refined fantasy. The exuberant colours, form and surface play out perceptually for the viewer, but also amalgamations of the act of shifting through a magical and spell-bounding experience.

“I assume the artistic practice from everyday human being. In my work, I explore the absurdity of the usual things to try to reveal the loneliness reflected in introspection of the characters screaming with the irreverence of their attitudes.”