Walter Cano Cruz, born in 1985 in Pitalito Huila is one of Colombia’s leading gurative painters. He now resides in Medellín.

Cano began drawing at an early age, always sketching on any available scrap of paper. In his teenage years he became accomplished in oil painting and at around the age of 20 he perfected his knowledge and technique in the art of airbrushing.

In 2011, he was featured in the international art magazine “Step by Step”, Germany, and in the following year he was featured as one of the most prominent artists to watch in “Step by Step”, Latin America.

In November 2013, he participated in the Vl international (Visual Arts Festival), Colombia, an event where more than 300 global artists come together to showcase their art.

A vigorous and creative artist, he is constantly experimenting with different models. He strives to stimulate the viewer and dazzle their senses by creating the most sensual female forms with the most technically advanced airbrushing technique.

His passion is to arouse the senses with particular emphasis on setting a mood and atmosphere. His hyperrealist technique and ability to create images of stunningly irresistible Latin American muses has created a global fan base.

Cano’s recent use of sharp fluorescent paint with a luminous finish dripping down his subject visage gives Walters’ paintings a multi-dimensional layer and heightens the beauty and mystery of Cano’s work. This added element has really taken Cano to the next level. He has achieved his desire to perfect the female form and interlace it in mystery and illusion.

“I would like the viewer to be fascinated, seduced and taken to a more vibrant and exotic world…. I believe the viewer must be captivated yet intrigued with an ongoing interest.”